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Land and Buildings

Land and Buildings

Administration Building 14 Building No.8 27 Auditorium
Center for Disaster Education and Future Design 15 Building No.9
Research Center for English Language Education
at Elementary Schools (4F)
28 Student Common Area "Shuho Kaikan"
University Library 16 Music School 29 Common Rooms for Circles
Health Administration Center 17 Art School 30 Japanese Archery Court
Information Processing Center 18 Science Laboratory for Students 31 On Campus Lodge for Extra-Curriculum Activities
Research Center for Environmental Education 19 School of Technology 32 Common Facilities of Cultural Circles
Building No.1 20 Laboratory of Radio-active Isotopes 33 "Hotto Hiroba" (Evacuation Area)
Building No.2
Career Support Center (1F)
21 Facility for Physical Expression 34 Affiliated School for Special Needs Education
Building No.3
Center for Special Support Education
and Recovery Assistance (2F)
22 Studio for Pottery 35 Dormitory for Males
10 Building No. 4 23 Greenhouse 36 Gatekeeper's Lodge
11 Building No.5
Research Center
for Education in International
Understanding (3F)
24 Aoba-yama Hands-on Learning Room 37 Main entrance (bus stop)
12 Building No.6
Research Center for Clinic in Education (2F)
Research and Development
Office for Promoting the Cooperation of
kindergartens and Elementary Schools (4F)
25 Garage
13 Building No.7 26 Gymnasium and Gym.for Traditional Martial Arts